Frenzy in core Ledgers of Mammoth Blockchain

Fears have arisen today with the discovery of the Frenzy virus within many of the blockchains that interlink all Mammoth (and affiliate) products.

Complete Product Recall

Nobody yet knows how long the virus has been in the system but there are fears infected machines may be in the millions.

He awoke sweating and shivering. His stomach felt full of jelly and a headache roamed in his temples.

Across from him was a vanity unit with two decks of drawers in shiny white, an oversized porcelain sink shaped like a lily, with a gold stamen for a tap. Behind it a mirror stretched from side to side in an arc.

The floor tiles were smooth and cooling under his feet. As he sat on the toilet he stared vacantly at his legs and the spatter of black blotches around his knees. He tried to blink them away. He rubbed his thumb to see if they moved. They didn’t hurt but felt full with fluid. Then he just stared at them blankly.

‘Jove . . . What’s wrong with my knees?’

‘I cannot see inside the bathroom without your permission, Tom.’ Jove answered in his head. ‘What is wrong?’

‘I don’t know. Just look. I grant you access.’

‘I see. There is a discolouration.’

‘What is it?’ Tom asked.

‘The symptoms are consistent—I must notify you, Tom, our interaction is no longer private.’

‘Are we hacked?’

‘No. We are in the jurisdiction of Orakel. All suspected cases of CC are automatically reported.’

‘What does that mean?’

‘You will need to talk directly with Orakel.’


The mirror activated, turning into a dull grey screen with an avatar of human-shaped light.

‘Hello again, Thomas Huxley. I am Orakel. The system management intelligence for this jurisdiction.’

‘Hello, Orakel,’ Tom answered.

About time you showed up.

Mammoth CEO Press Conference

“Based on the log file we analysed in Gutzi’s knee it appears the Frenzy virus is at least three years old but the virus was embedded at the time of installation, which means it may be even older.”

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“While we accept our part in the spread of this virus, culpability must surely rest on the creator or creators of this malicious code.”

“The ramifications of Frenzy’s infection of systems around the world mean we must take serious measures to check all data and archives and secure them from infection. There are no systems or products we believe can now be relied upon, made by Mammoth or others.”

With eyes closed, lying perfectly still, his own existence became almost imperceptible. He heard kangaroos bouncing through the dry bush and everywhere the croak of ravens lauding it over their plentiful feast.

He opened his eyes and watched one of the birds dipping it’s beak into someone who had once walked and talked and now didn’t.

Bet they haven’t eaten this well in years.

Tom breathed in and out. The TCS had hit maximum and the smells of burn and crisp were spice to his nose. He tried to identify each scent, like a chef with ingredients. Was that plastic? Was that animal? A touch of gasoline?

The plant life wasn’t suffering from the air quality. If anything it was thriving. Saplings and bushes had taken root in gutters, vines and grasses now covered most of the rooftops that hadn’t caved in and few windows frames let the ferns and braccia grow through as they pleased. For these suburbs, the border of what was inside and outside was disappearing.

A branch snapped behind him and he spun, gun drawn–

Where did I get a weapon?

And what is that?

Currency markets collapse in Wake of Frenzy

‘The intent of the virus must be to cause chaos. Or at the least we can agree that that is the result,’ said Nickel Fairchilds of Osmandius Security.

We no longer know what the truth is . . .

‘It is not just that Frenzy is a malicious virus but it also creates a byproduct of false data which over the years has begun overwhelming the truth. Not just in our personal lives and relationships but in our computers’ connection to true information. Critical faults that have up until now been dismissed as glitches can now be traced to the effects of the virus. Every device ever connected to the internet or the mobinet is probably infected.’

He was looking at the tallest human he had ever seen. It had it’s palms out, masked head cocked, skin of purple-brown shimmering like a beetle wing.

‘Easy there, cuz,’ it said.

Everything about it was longer. The palms it held out were a spray of long pale leaves, with strong tendons furrowing its wrists and muscles. It wore a heavy pack, flat disks on front and back with solar mesh covering it. A kidney bean shaped mirror covered its eyes and nose. The smile it bore was wide and friendly but the skin a dull blue-brown.

‘Who are you?’

‘My name is Hakka. Who are you?’


‘Right. So are you planning to shoot me with that stick, Tom?’

Tom looked down. In his hands was a Kasaki rifle, primed to fire. But when he blinked it was just a stick . . . he blinked again and trained the site on the stranger.

‘Is there any reason I should?’

‘No mate. We good.’

‘What are you doing here?’

‘I’m doing a job. What are you doing out here?’

Tom looked around behind him. Waved his arms back toward Block-6. ‘Can’t go back. They won’t let me in.’

Hakka stepped forward, his leafy hand holding out a bottle of water. ‘You want some, mate?’  Tom dropped the stick and jumped at it. He’d never been so dry – just as he reached towards the flask the stranger splayed his hands in Tom’s face, fingerprints flashing silver.

The brakes had slammed on and as quick as a flick the world slowed. The hundred voices, the point and shoot, the black wizard. The fire in his brain had gone out and he sat listening to the crisp rustle of nature. 

“God knows that your eyes will be opened as soon as you eat it, and you will be like God, knowing both good and evil.” 

Genesis 3:5

It was twilight. Long glittering hands, spooned sweet mush into his mouth.

‘How long is this going to take?’ He heard a man ask.

‘I don’t know. We can bring him with us when the tower is done.’

‘As a pet?’

‘He’ll snap out of it eventually.’ Hakka curled his hand and gently rubbed his knuckles under Tom’s chin. ‘Won’t you?’

Tom tried to nod but only managed to shudder.

‘What did you do to me?’

The man lowered the spoon and spoke gently, parent to child, ‘I disconnected your upgrades. They were infected.’


‘That’s right. You had bad inputs for a long time.’

‘What does that mean? I’ve had those upgrades for years.’


‘Was it all fake then?’

‘I don’t know. For most it is a mix of true and false data.’

‘But there was a war, wasn’t there?’

‘There have been many wars. Some are still going.’

‘What about Amber?’ Hakka shook his head. ‘My daughter?’

‘If you are asking what happened to your daughter, I have no way of finding out; right now.’

‘Was she real?’

‘I don’t know. Listen,’ he stood up, purple silver head blocking the sun seven feet above. ‘You sit and digest. I’ll come back to check on you soon.’

‘What’s going to happen to me?’

‘We’ll get you to a rescue shelter. Then you can lodge for asylum. Do you have any family overseas?’

‘I have a brother. If he is still alive.’

‘Where is he?’

‘Belgium I think. Europe. Unless that wasn’t true either.’

‘That’ll work. There’s still a trade route the refugee networks can tag onto. I really gotta go but I’ll get your preprocessing done. Alright?’

‘Okay. Thank you.’

Hakka disappeared into the bush.

Tom sat quietly, memories he now doubted floating past like sticks in a river.

‘Jove? Are you there?’

Disarray and confusion from Washington today as anti-gov militias storm White House.

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Luxohealth Named in anti-trust suit

Accusations flew today that conglomerates had betrayed the public trust by removing nutrients and vitamins from staple food products to encourage sales of supplements.

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Detox shots, cleansing pads, oxygenators and airconditioning additives have become common household items with the rise of the luxury-health industry but claimants have put forward evidence that verticalised companies have been ‘de-specking’ foundation foods such as rice, bread and cereals to ensure a market for their higher-end nutrition and health boosting products.

The action, brought against Luxohealth by a the federal government and the NGO Medicins sans Frontier also claim the health benefits fo the Luxohealth products needs to be thoroughly analysed as long-term cross-sectional studies show an overall reduction in health from users.

He waited for weeks for his brother to approve the transfer. Or to find out he was dead. Or that he was a figment of the virus.

In a hollow white cube he bobbed up and down on the waves. With a moulded seat, a hole for a toilet and a hammock strung across the diagonal. Tom had his legs hanging out the plastic bars to dangle in the ocean.. Through the window he could see many others just like him, looking out from prefabricated fake ice cubes. He couldn’t see how far it went, but behind them on the shore he could see massive apartment blocks. Hundreds of buildings distinguishable only by a variation of window size and spacing. Each block had over forty floors and each floor he could count nearly a hundred windows. Just in his field of view there was probably over a hundred thousand people living, not to mention the refugee farm in the bay.

Behind the cliffs of apartments were green covered mountains. Steep shards unlike the rounded lumps he was used to from Australia.

Food was delivered by drone in solid blocks he chewed the corners off. One compressed rice paste, a nearly black one that tasted intensely green and a sweet one, probably red bean.

When a big ship went past, his cube rocked. He had to sit down and brace his arms and legs against the sides.

Sometimes the cells became clumped together and all the people inside rushed to talk to each other. As if to prove their existence through communicating. They were from everywhere, every country, once upon a time.

There was a radio set into the ceiling he could tune to different languages. He stuck to English most of the time. It played music and news from the world.

He wondered about Australia and waited for news. Then he thought about his country, and all countries and wondered what they really meant. Did they have any function other than division? Unity and division perhaps. He had neither. He had nothing. No family, no friends no place he could go back to. Only the faint hope of his brother who may or may not be alive or may or may not exist.

He heard shouts from the other cells and quickly pulled his feet out of the water. Below them a swarm of jellyfish glided below, slow, deadly and carefree.

When it rained the water slussed down the moulded gutters, a delta of grooves, that collected drinking water into a ballast tank below.

He had one printed photo left of him and Patrick, and his anonymous parents. As the storm pushed his cube side to side, waves sloshing in, he hugged it under his shirt to protect it.

The next day he took it out to dry. Now even his and Patrick’s faces were washed out, everyone almost completely faded away.

Just as if I never existed.

Everyone became excited at something, calling out to each other. He jammed his face to the bars to see coconuts floating towards them. A dozen languages were rapidly jumping up and down, desperate to get at these unexpected treats.

Tom watched as three cubes over a guy reached out with a net to catch a coconut and then exploded in a geyser.

‘Don’t touch the coconuts!’ Everyone cried. Then silently watched as the mines drifted between their pods, bouncing into some and detonating.

Eventually it ended. As he was airlifted out he saw the ocean below. He saw other floating cells like his, thousands upon thousands, until the scene below looked like a layer of rice and he was just one grain of rice plucked from a big bowl full.