About the story

A vision of the future drawing on the terrors of our present: pandemics, food shortages, climate change and cyber war — is the only solution to retreat into hibernation? But what will be waiting for you to wake up?

The Collapse is a witness account of modern apocalypse, and prelude to the world of The Hunt for Pierre Junior, and a bridge to the next story of Thought Empire: The Second Dark Age.

About the project

This is an experimental format, adding subtle imagery, sounds and animation to the reading experience.

  • There is background music you can turn off and on
  • As it’s a countdown until he wakes up, each page starts with how close he is to wake. You can use these as markers so you can jump to where you are up to
  • Please tweet @davidmhenley me your thoughts and feedback
About the Author

David M Henley loves science, science fiction and the future. His books are inspired by authors such as Philip K Dick, Peter F Hamilton, Robert Heinlein and Matsumune Shirow.

His breakout trilogy, The Hunt for Pierre Jnr, is fast like a comic book, as strange as an anime and set in as complex a world as the one we live in today (but 150 years in the future!). Fifty years after a second dark age that nearly destroyed humankind, the World Union is now confronted with a new threat that doesn’t just challenge our survival but also the nature of life and civilisation itself. Henley’s world explodes with ideas about humanity and what is changing between the possible and the impossible.

From geopolitical convergence to emergent online super organisms, the future is coming. Henley’s books explore themes of technological evolution, species diversification and takes the ‘all-powerful creepy child’ theme to a scary new level as a reimagined image of our fears of the technology we have created.

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